Rebound Diet

February 16, 2021

Holidays are killer. Since going carnivore, I have endured Thanksgiving day. I stuffed my face with my mother's cooking, but bounced back and kept up a good habit of eating low carb. I went a full week of Christmas eating trays of cookies, but bounced back after a seven day fast. I throw a superbowl party and everything falls apart, apparently.

It's been a week since the Super Bowl where I hosted a party and cooked about 20 people's worth of food for my stellar 8 guests. After taking the opportunity to eat all the leftovers and clear out my fridge of all the unhealthy food, I've noticed a dramatic change in my health. I woke up with acne on my face this morning, something I've been clear of for many years now. My bloody noses have been as frequent as they've been this winter. My mood has taken a turn for worst (among other reasons) and I weighed myself this morning at 200 lbs. Yeah, that's right. In the last diet blog I reported that I finished the carnivore diet on November 26th weighing in at 176 lbs. If that doesn't sound drastic enough, just 15 days ago I weighed 182.8 lbs. Nearly twenty pounds in two weeks.

How I Ended up Here

In November I regretted not recording my weight every day. So in many mornings since, I rolled out of bed and immediately took my weight. It's paid off, because I'm able to graph it and tell a story.

I started in late October with the carnivore diet at 183 lbs. This was already an excellent weight, but I wanted to push it further and succeeded. By Thanksgiving I was down to 176, which is as light as I've been since highschool, maybe even middle school.

I gained a few pounds as December passed. I wasn't doing strictly carnivore at the time, but I kept pretty low carb. I shuffled back up to my start weight which was expected, since I struggle to get below 185 pounds. And of course, a trip out to see the family for Christmas brings in a lot of chocolates and cookies. But I'm there to have a good time, not be strict on my diet.

I had a really good time, going up to 191 pounds by New Year's Day. But hope is not lost. My typical New Year starts with a multiday fast. I fasted for 7 days, just water. More about fasting in a future article. But that shed all the quick weight I gained from eating so many carbs and sugar. The fast put me at the lowest weight I've ever been: 175 lbs.

Of course I gained some pounds back over the next few days, but the fast allowed me to start with a clean slate. I picked up carnivore once again, but this time I'd make the occasional exception and eat keto when out with friends or family.

But this time the diet was far, far tougher. I'm still not sure why, but this second attempt at carnivore was incredibly difficult. The food just didn't taste as good, and it took a lot more food for me to feel full. Then some life events took place that shifted my mood, which made it harder to stick with the diet.

Around the corner was the Super Bowl, where we planned a big meal (absolutely not low carb!) for Sunday night. But that turned into an excuse to pig out the Friday and Saturday before. Then after gorging myself Sunday night (and suffering immediate consequences) I took the entire next week to "finish the leftovers" or eat all the same crap that I prepared for the special occasion. And, to my surprise (seriously), my weight has skyrocketed. I imagined my weight would change in the same way it did for the Christmas trip. Upon inspection of the data, I started at a higher weight and ate more food and for more days. That pushed me over the edge.

I've been far heavier than 200 lbs. before, but I take a lot of pride being a couple years passed those numbers. This number is incredibly alarming to me, so I'm devising a quick plan to change my habits, boost my confidence, lose some weight, and be healthier.

The Plan to Rebound

I want something really simple. Yes, even simpler than the carnivore diet. The simpler it is, the more likely I am to stick with it, because it will be very well defined, and it will be a challenge. I tend to stick to these things when they are difficult or new.

I'm calling it the "ground beef and eggs" diet. I can eat ground beef and eggs, and any simple seasonings I'd like to use. Even when I went on the carnivore diet I limited myself to only salt and pepper. But considering the even smaller variety, I'm hoping that garlic powder and chili powder might make the beef get boring slower.

The ground beef should have all the fat to give me energy and keep me full. The eggs will help with variety, since there's so many ways to cook them. The egg yolks will also give me a variety of nutrients that I won't get with the ground beef. I don't know how the whole nutrients thing works with these carnivore diets, but I don't care.

It's pretty easy to dismiss this plan as outragous or dangerous. And that might be right. But I like to compare something so dangerous and "unhealthy" as ground beef and eggs to people who drink sugary Starbucks drinks everyday, or eat a bag of chips with lunch everyday, or get desert at resturants when they go out. When you eat chips straight from the big bag or ice cream right out a quart, it's rare that someone calls it dangerous and shows grave concern. But I can't imagine that my plan is any less unhealthy than the many eating habits of those around us.

I do it because I want to be healthier, so let me have this!

Back to 180!

Perhaps I shouldn't do some fixed amount of time for this diet. Maybe I should keep doing it until I hit some goal weight. Again, weight isn't a great metric for determining if I'm healthy, but it's easy to measure and I have lots of prior data to compare it to. I'll stick to this ground beef and eggs diet until I'm back at 180 pounds. This might take me a while. I expect to lose the first 10ish pounds pretty quickly, maybe just as fast as I gained it. The next 10 pounds though, that will be tough. But I think I can handle it. The challenge is what will drive me to succeed.

Of course, I'll be keeping myself accountable on my instagram. Ground beef and eggs til 180!

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